I’m a self-taught ceramic artist with nearly two decades of discovery and knowledge within my chosen medium. I work full time as a ceramic artist in my personal studio located at my home in Vancouver, WA. You can find my work at VancouverFarmersMarket March through October at my booth #168, also online at LaurieHendricksPottery.com

 I was born and raised in the Northwest. The surrounding mountains, rivers and beaches along the coastline were my constant playground. The Northwest influences my work as much as it defines who I am today. I enjoy pushing myself, challenging my skills, developing new ideas with form and color to maintain a contemporary and unique style while embracing the idea of slow craft, intentionally building layers and taking time with each piece.

 I love pottery because it's an opportunity to bring art into one's home while still fulfilling a functional need. If someone honors me by bringing a piece I’ve created into their lives, it should be imbued with care, time and attention.

Thank you for taking an interest in my pottery. 
~ Laurie